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  • The Impact of GDPR on HR

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by Workday

    The GDPR which comes into force on 25th May, 2018 is expected to bring sweeping changes to how HR organisations manage and protect employee data. While compliance is a top priority for many organisations in Europe and beyond, only seven percent of the companies surveyed are prepared ...

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  • Beware of the 64-bit Malware

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by Deep Instinct

    A deep dive into the 64-bit Windows operating system threat landscape.64-bit Windows operating systems are increasing their market share and becoming more and more prevalent in businesses and organizations. Their growing popularity is also attracting more attackers who are slowly reshaping the Windows threat landscape.In this whitepaper, cybersecurity teams will ...

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  • Next-Generation Security Buyer Perceptions, Priorities, and Issues: A Guide for Endpoint Security Consumers and Vendors

    Research // Mar 2018 // provided by Deep Instinct

    The endpoint security market is highly competitive and vendors are divided into two camps: prevention and detection promotion.The primary differentiator between prevention vs. detection is the pre-compromise vs. post-compromise approach.While the two approaches meet different specific needs, there is general disagreement on which approach is better overall.This research identifies as ...

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  • Malware classification using deep learning

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by Deep Instinct

    Classifying Malware Using Deep Learning for Immediate Threat IntelligenceWith the increase of cybersecurity disasters and due to the lack of staff expertise, organizations are concerned for the state of their infrastructure’s security, leading many organizations to use third-party threat intelligence solutions.In order for SOC and IR teams to get a ...

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  • Free Trial of the KACE System Management Appliance

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by Quest Software

    Experience first-hand the time and money-saving benefits of the virtual KACE SMA Appliance within the context of your own IT environment. There are no cumbersome downloads or complex system pre-requisites needed to obtain full appliance functionality. During the trial period, you will be able to test-drive key capabilities of the ...

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  • Secure and Connect All Your Productivity Tools in the Cloud

    Ebooks // Mar 2018 // provided by Box

    Content is among an organization's most critical assets. It flows through every aspect of a company, from people to systems to processes. But as teams grow and the breadth of their content expands, these valuable assets get fragmented across the different tools they use. What if you had ...

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  • DevSecOps: Mastering security’s group effort

    Videos // Mar 2018 // provided by RSA Security

    There are some situations where sharing comes naturally. Potlucks. Workspaces. But what about security? As more and more organizations realize the importance of quality security management, DevSecOps can appear an ideal approach to distributing security ownership. But beyond its many benefits, DevSecOps can also be costly ...

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  • The GDPR: A rule to rule them all

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by RSA Security

    WannaCry. Petya. Security breaches are becoming bigger—and badder—forcing the security world to revamp their approach. Once overseen by 50 individual laws, breach regulation as we know it will change with the arrival of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Starting May 25, 2018, the ...

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  • Careful. You’re in threat territory

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by RSA Security

    For any infosec professional, threats are as routine as Mondays. But just like everyone’s least favorite day of the week, there are some risks you’re not always ready for. After a threat-filled RSAC 2017, technology writer and blogger Tony Kontzer is ready to help you up ...

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  • GDPR Without the Hype: A No-Nonsense Guide for IT Security

    White Papers // Mar 2018 // provided by RSA Security

    The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. It may be the new kid on the cybersecurity block, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you can ignore. Effective in May of 2018, the regulation marks a colossal shift in the treatment and handling of personal data. And ...

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