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  • The Forrester Wave: Configuration Management Software For Infrastructure Automation

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By Puppet Labs

    In our 27-criterion evaluation of configuration management providers, we identified the seven most significant — Canonical, Chef, Microsoft,, Puppet, Red Hat, and SaltStack — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. We focused on core features, including deployment, configuration modelling, automation, monitoring and governance, and community support, as well as...

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  • 2019 Shopper Vision Study

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By Zebra Technologies

    Find 2019 Shopper Vision Study in various aspects, including: 51% Shoppers feel they are better connected than in-store associates. 83% of decision-makers and 74% of associates say tech-equipped sales associates would improve customer service. 55% of shoppers said associates equipped with the latest technology provide a better...

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  • Robotic process automation: A "no-hype" buyer's guide

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By IBM

    One technology receiving a lot of attention is robotic process automation (RPA). RPA can be thought of as a gateway — a way to introduce automation and gain business beneft at low cost and with near-zero risk. The concept is simple: a software “robot” replicates routine human-computer interactions, automating what...

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  • Making VR Real

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By DellEMC and Intel

    VR allows employees to learn and train within a safe environment, where they can fail fast and learn quickly without impacting real world development. Remote training using VR also removes the risk of injury for untrained employees working in otherwise dangerous environments, such as construction sites or factories. ...

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  • The Value Of Modern Workstations To Professional Creators

    Case Studies · Mar 2019 · Provided By DellEMC and Intel

    In the digital age, IT personnel are juggling rapidly evolving technology environments. In organizations with design, engineering, video editing, AI/analytics professionals, and other creators, workstations play a critical role in executing professional applications and in driving digital transformation efforts.

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  • DE Making the Case

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By DellEMC and Intel

    Design and engineering workflows have evolved to meet the demands of larger and more complex models that integrate mechanics, electronics and software. Data size and complexity have increased exponentially as the design process increasingly incorporates simulation, photorealistic rendering, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies. This evolution has been...

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  • IT Service Excellence Toolkit

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By ConnectWise

    The IT Service Excellence Toolkit outlines best practices to ensure client satisfaction, and includes powerful tools for your success, including a sample service agreement, client onboarding checklist and more. This comprehensive guide covers every aspect of succeeding as an IT service professional. Rely on it for deep dives...

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  • NetScout: Advanced Threat Trends Report

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By NetScout Systems

    The global cyber threat landscape continues to evolve, unleashing increasingly sophisticated and persistent attack techniques at internet scale. DDoS attacks have never been more, innovative, dynamic or consequential. Espionage and crimeware activity continues to grow, as actors in this space develop and unleash increasingly sophisticated attacks...

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  • EIU Report: Managing Application Development

    Resource Center · Feb 2019 · Provided By Google Cloud

    Google Cloud commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to tap into what works at top companies, drawing on real-life experiences of more than 1,000 business executives: More than 94% of respondents describe application development as either somewhat or very important to their business’ growth More than 65% of respondents say...

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  • Tools and Best Practices for Remote Support

    White Papers · Feb 2019 · Provided By Rescue by LogMeIn

    Customer experience is imperative to any business: according to PwC, 73% of consumers prioritise customer experience along with price and product quality while making their purchasing decisions. One of the ways to elevate customer experience is to provide the right level of support, tailored to individual customers and their specific...

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