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Work-life balance. BYOD. Telework. Virtual desktops. Technology is changing the definition of employment and creating new challenges and opportunities every day. You'll find cutting-edge white papers and reports on the evolution of work right here.

  • ESG Dynamic Symantec Buyers Guide

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Symantec

    It's no secret that cyber security permeates the mindsets and priorities of key business executives all the way up to the CEO Level. At the same time, IT has to manage a balanced corporate security posture that provides a friction-less approach to protecting the business in the midst of device...

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  • Solution Brief: Cloud SOC and Email Security for Microsoft Office365

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Symantec

    With Symantec CloudSOC CASB and Email for Office 365, you can secure your email and apps against threats, protect your confidential data and gain control over how your accounts and the content within them are accessed, used, emailed, and shared by your employees, contractors, vendors, and clients.Keep your Office...

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  • ESG Executive Summary Protecting Office 365 from Security Threats

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Symantec

    As companies migrate to Microsoft O365 and other cloud applications, they are not always aware of potential threats, policies with limited effectiveness, and vulnerabilities resulting from accidental configuration. This Executive Summary gives information on securing this range of cloud applications.

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  • ESG Infographic Symantec Buyers Guide Checklist

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Symantec

    As you prepare for your Office 365 implementation, this checklist will serve as a guide to assist you through the multiple dimensions of an Office 365 migration and the selection of your solution for securing it.

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  • Digital Leaders transforming your business

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Workday

    IDC recently interviewed 400 digital leaders across France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. The survey reveals that digital leaders find their finance and HR systems are adequate for today’s requirements but lack the flexibility and sophistication to deliver on the broader DX mandate. For the purposes of this...

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  • The PC Lifecycle Continuum: From Control to Transformation

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by Dell & Intel

    Today, IT leaders address the PC lifecycle across a continuum from control to transformation. Control is geared to optimization, while transformation focuses on the business impact of technology. Though the two approaches differ, they are not in opposition. They strive for the same goals and face similar challenges. As...

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  • Move Faster with Simplified Agreements

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by DocuSign

    Paper-based signatures are out of step with the modern world where customers want the convenience, speed and added security that comes with transacting digitally. Modernising your agreement processes with electronic signature capabilities can immediately accelerate business and give your customers the convenience they deserve.

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  • The Total Economic Impact of DocuSign Australia

    White Papers // Nov 2018 // provided by DocuSign

    eSignatures has become a component in a larger System of Agreement, where companies have processes and technologies to support the preparation, signing, acting, and management of agreements. DocuSign provides a platform that can accelerate and simplify each part of an organisation's System of Agreement - whether it is leveraging templates...

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  • Learn the fundamentals of Big Data & Machine Learning from the experts.

    Live Event // Nov 2018 // provided by Google Cloud

    Join Us for a free, full-day training event at a city near you. Get a detailed view of Google Cloud Platform's data processing and machine learning capabilities. You will learn how to leverage the ease, flexibility, and power of data and machine learning tools like Cloud Dataproc, Dataflow, Machine Learning...

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  • O365 Paperless Office

    White Papers // Oct 2018 // provided by Singtel

    Ready to get a paperless office to simplify administrative tasks and increase productivity while saving more time and money? With the help of cloud-based solutions you can. These solutions can be accessed from any device at anytime. Find out how Paperless Productivity enables you to go digital and...

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