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  • DdoS Shelter Plan

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by Singtel

    DDoS attacks aim to cripple online services, compromise data, or even function as a smoke screen for other attacks − for political, financial, or other malicious reasons.Find out how Singtel's DDoS Shelter Services proactively monitors, detects, mitigates and protects your online business against destructive disruptions caused by DDoS attacks.

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  • Survey Report: Behind The Growing Confidence In Cloud Security

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by Google

    In a recent global survey conducted on behalf of Google Cloud in association with MIT SMR Custom Studio, respondents were asked: over the last two years, how has your overall confidence in the security of cloud applications and infrastructure changed? The response showed that 74% of respondents have become more...

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  • CIO's Guide to Data Analytics and Machine Learning

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by Google

    Today’s smart computers can beat board game champions, master video games, and learn to recognize cats. No wonder artificial intelligence has captured the imaginations of business and IT leaders. And indeed, AI is starting to transform processes in established industries, from retail to financial services to manufacturing. Read this guide...

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  • HBR : How To Plan For A Multi-Cloud World

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by Google

    "Cloud platforms are rewriting the way that companies work, serving as a vital foundation for digital transformation. Companies should brace for challenges that will need to be met as they transition from in-house systems to hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud, and public-cloud environments. Learn how an open-source strategy and consistent governance will help...

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  • The Enterprise AI Promise

    Case Studies // Aug 2018 // provided by SAS

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently a hot topic, it's a buzzword in modern technology. This study examines Enterprise Readiness for AI, through interviews with representatives from businesses across EMEA and from a wide range of industry sectors.

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Executives: Integrating AI Into Your Organization

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by SAS

    Great leaders become great by balancing strategy with tactics, future vision with current reality and strengths with weakness - all with the goal of accomplishing and clearly defined objective. This report offers an essential guide to AI, understanding where, when and how to apply these capabilities within a larger...

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  • Making a Sense of AI

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by SAS

    In the future, our experiences will be smart, intuitive and informed by analytics that are not seen but felt via new business, personal and operational engagement models. Enabling this interaction requires AI applications that can sense, analyse and respond to their environment in an intelligent and interactive manner. This report...

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  • The Risks and Rewards of AI

    Research // Aug 2018 // provided by SAS

    With the recent explosion in AI, there has been understandable concern about its potential impact on human work. plenty of people have tried to predict which industries and jobs will be most affected, and which skills will be most in demand. This insight center is fundamental reading for any executive...

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  • Top 10 Uses for Electronic Signatures for Small Business

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by DocuSign

    Electronic Signature open up a whole world of opportunities to cut cost and accelerate the speed of business In this eBook you will learn the top 10 Uses and benefits of electronic signatures.

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  • Optimise Billing Process - eBook

    White Papers // Aug 2018 // provided by DocuSign

    If your business is weak on billing, you may be spending too much time and money chasing payments. A recent DocuSign survey of small businesses found nearly two-thirds of bills require a time-consuming process, which can significantly delay receipt of funds.Identifying bad habits in your billing practices is the first...

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