AI is a journey: How AI-powered log analysis helps reach operational excellence DEMO ONLY

Hosted by Yitz Fink, ITIL Product specialist @Loom Systems

In a world digital transformation, more than 60% of enterprises with a complex digital environment have already began their AI-journey, implementing tools and solutions to help them achieve a smooth and uninterrupted customer experience.

While many companies seek to adopt AI-based tools to help them with business objectives and improving the overall customer experience, it has become clear that introducing AI into the organization requires more than a technology. This webinar will introduce a new, holistic approach, IT operational excellence, aiding any function in the organization to implement AI in a clear and sustainable way. The Operational excellence approach unlocks AI’s ability to empower IT teams (when implemented correctly), by replacing a broad range of IT operations manual processes and tasks, tying up different elements in the ITOps chain from monitoring to architecture. This enables siloed IT departments teams to act as one integrated and synchronized unit, and drive the business forward by connecting the dots between IT and Business.

Join Yitz Fink, ITIL Product specialist @Loom Systems, to learn:

  • Late technology adoption and AI : What are the challenges in AI adoption and why companies fail time after time in adopting AI and Why in general people lag behind cutting-edge technologies
  • Promises, promises : Why Quick to deploy, easy/zero configuration is not enough when implementing an AI-based solution
  • Introducing the Operation excellence triangle : robust AI-technology, experienced data analysts, implementation methodology

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