Introducing IBM Blueworks Live

Introducing IBM Blueworks Live – Blueworks Live is a SaaS-based offering that lets anyone in your company document, understand, and improve processes without training or software to install. Improving the way we work is something that everyone strives to do. When sorting through emails to find important attachments and necessary approvals, it is easy to lose valuable time in what can seem like the blink of an eye, no matter how hard you work. Fortunately, IBM Blueworks Live can help you and your organization to streamline Business Process Management and save time every day. Processes no longer need to be run over email when they can be designed and managed quickly, all from one place. The Process Blueprints in Blueworks Live allow users to discover, map and document processes in a structured way with real-time visibility. And because Blueworks Live runs in the cloud, its features can be accessed from anywhere through an Internet browser. By leveraging elements of modern social networking, Blueworks Live provides a highly collaborative approach to Business Process Management. Built-in communication features such as instant messaging and a live newsfeed allow users to react immediately to process changes.

The expert community accessible with Blueworks Live, complete with a twitter stream, blogs and whitepapers, is another resource that can provide your team with process improvement and BPM knowledge. By generating a process app report, your administrator can quickly see which tasks take up the most time and which processes are critical, bringing a new degree of process visibility to your organization. The idea of process optimization takes on a whole new meaning when complex processes can be automated on an organizational scale. Blueworks Live can seamlessly deploy Process Blueprints into the BPM suite of Business Process Manager, breaking down process silos and helping your entire organization to make better use of time and achieve alignment. Streamlining Business Process Management in the cloud with Blueworks Live can greatly improve the way you work.

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