AI for AI: Introducing AutoAI with IBM Watson Studio

BM has been pioneering the development of AI. As the industry is evolving from narrow AI to general AI, automation of ML and AI has become one of the key imperatives for businesses to drive better value.

Using automated AI/ML from IBM, organizations can tackle skill shortages, AI pipelines and governance issues. This will facilitate building better models faster, scaling experimentation and deployment processes, and increasing trust and transparency in AI/ML development. We productized IBM Research’s automated AI technology into Watson Studio which works in tandem with Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale. Automated AI capability delivers:

  • AI designing AI – neural network search
  • AI optimizing AI – AI lifecycle management and pipeline optimization
  • AI governing AI – monitoring / debiasing AI outcomes

Key Takeaways:

  • Speed model selection time as fast as minutes and hours instead of days & weeks during experiments
  • Reach production-worthy model accuracy faster while documenting what steps are taken
  • Go live and scale with better models using the skills sets you have
  • Increase repeatability of model development while keeping the model current and minimizing unnecessary human intervention
  • Get started with experiments right away, even without knowing how to code each algorithm and function
  • Enable one click deployment with Watson Machine Learning

Join us and learn about AutoAi and how to include AutoAI in your arsenal to scale your AI investments.

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