Breaking the Pattern: The Importance of Deep Packet Inspection for Intrusion Prevention

The rise of zero-day attacks, mutated threats, and advanced evasion techniques have shifted the security landscape, changing the nature of network security. Organizations can no longer rely solely on a pattern-matching approach to protect their networks. After all, this method requires one to know about a threat in order to develop a pattern-based signature for it. That’s why today’s security-minded organizations recognize the need for a proactive approach to security, using advanced behavior-based analysis and heuristics in stopping unknown threats.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from IBM X-Force® research & development experts on how IBM’s Protocol Analysis Module (PAM) – the IPS engine that powers IBM Security Network Protection (XGS) – uses deep packet inspection to help protect against the unknown and keep organizations ahead of the threat. In addition to learning how PAM works, specific examples where IBM protected its intrusion prevention customers against vulnerabilities months, even years, before exploits were disclosed will be discussed.

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