Protecting Assets from Lateral Movement in the Modern Data Center

Today’s security teams are increasingly judged on their ability to keep a network intrusion from turning into data loss. As a result, the ability to quickly and reliably detect lateral movement in the network is one of the most important emerging skills in information security today.

Join us for “Protecting Critical Assets from Lateral Attacks in the Modern Data Center” to learn how to identify and disrupt attacks before assets are damaged or stolen with VMware and Carbon Black.

Topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Preventing Lateral Movement in the Data Center: Learn the most effective strategies for reducing the attack surface and identifying behavior that indicates attempted lateral movement.
  • Why Traditional AV and Firewalls are Not Enough: Discover why traditional security solutions are ineffective at preventing lateral movement, and how to implement a layered security model for the most comprehensive protection.
  • Securing Critical Applications: Learn how to effectively secure your most critical applications running in virtualized environments while minimizing business impact.

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