Telecom Technical Webinar Series – Paragon Active Assurance Webinar (Part 2) for India

Improved operational efficiency through automation is one of the key business objectives for service providers when embracing new network technologies such as virtualization, multi-cloud, and 5G slicing. Service providers are now differentiating themselves through the delivered quality of service and overall experience, instead of only bandwidth and coverage. This means that it is crucial for service providers to measure what matters for their end users. This session will talk about how automated active testing and monitoring ensure successful and quality-assured deployments.

This one hour, free session will cover:

  • Why care – what is the problem?
  • Solution
  • Business benefits
  • Use cases
  • Implementing automated active assurance
  • Paragon Active Assurance is recently recognized for helping to deliver a superior service experience in the Q1 2021 MEF 3.0 Proof of Concept (PoC) Showcase.

    Join us on May 25, 2021 where we will introduce how Paragon Active Assurance can proactively identify and solve network problems before customers are impacted. Registration is free.

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