Telecom Technical Webinar Series – Paragon Automation Overview Webinar (Part 1) India

Network operators are grappling with problems like operational complexity, network congestion, latency, brownouts, and long lead times to activate new services with the assured service experience. We are setting out to deliver an Experience-First Network by automating provisioning, monitoring, analysis, and remediation. You and your network operators can augment your existing operations while remaining in control of the network.

This benefits: Minimizing potential for human error in mundane, repetitive tasks, which often results in poor customer experience. Additionally, with the operational efficiency of network automation, network operators can deploy and manage more devices and services with the resources they currently have.

This one hour, free session will help you better understand:

  • What is Paragon?
  • Where are we going?
  • How to apply automation for network provisioning, management and orchestration?
  • Join us for our first session May 11, 2021 where we will introduce the full Paragon Automation suite. Registration is free.

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