Webcast: IBM’s Db2 in a Multi-Cloud World – The Data Layer

In the age of machine learning and AI in the cloud, everyone wants to do more with their data. With over 70% of enterprises using three or more clouds, it is important to understand the implications of where your data is stored and how it is managed. Leveraging a common database engine — across clouds — allows you to focus your efforts on your applications and not on idiosyncrasies of individual cloud databases.

Join us for a live webinar, The Data Layer: IBM’s Db2 in a Multi-Cloud World, where IBM software architect Bowen Turetzky will discuss:

  • What multi-cloud means for your data; multi-cloud by design vs multi-cloud by accident; and what a multi-cloud data layer looks like
  • The four key advantages of choosing IBM’s Db2 managed services for a multi-cloud data layer solution
  • How to leverage a common data layer across cloud providers with common tools

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