Webinar: Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale: Automate and Augment AI

Featuring IBM Watson Machine Learning and Watson OpenScale: Automate and Operationalize AI

As organizations rush to innovate and modernize business with AI, one thing is clear. Just getting more insight in your business is no longer good enough. Your business needs fine-tuned foresight on what will happen next. At the heart of any prediction are production-ready models that are trustworthy, explainable and fully traceable. Furthermore, the ability to augment your data science and business teams with AI productivity and automation features is vital to business success. And, you need a simplified way of preparing and shaping data, building and training models and deploying them into production.

With extensive expertise in AI, IBM helps you get up and running fast, accelerate time to results and scale your success all in a unified hybrid, multi-cloud environment. This webinar features IBM Watson Machine Learning (ML) and Watson OpenScale, the critical components in your AI journey. You will learn how to:

Key Takeaways

  • Augment your existing AI and data science practice with Auto AI / ML capabilities including auto data shaping, hyper parameter optimization, feature engineering, guided A/B testing and end-to-end flow improvement with Watson Machine Learning
  • Accelerate end-to-end AI lifecycle management with Watson OpenScale to drive visibility, control and improvement of AI deployments
  • Help explain AI outcomes and scale AI usage with automated neural network design and deployments
  • Achieve virtually unlimited performance improvement in training and inference for your deep learning workloads with Watson Machine Learning Accelerator
  • Start small and scale your AI deployment in a multi-tenant, elastic hybrid cloud

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