A Mechanism to Achieve Network Security Through IP Packet Filtering

In Gist the authors are in era of Networks and a Network cannot be imagined without DTE, DSE, and DCE’s. Data Terminal Equipments (DTE) is devices that are responsible for inter-domain connectivity. Whether, they are in Intranets or Extranets without DTE a Network cannot be imagined, here DTE imply means Routers and in this Emerging Technology Router is necessary. Even grower networks number of outers is increasing and Ever-increasing numbers of IP router products are offering packet filtering as a tool for improving network security. Used properly, packet filtering is a useful tool for the security on scions network administrator, but its effective use requires a thorough understanding of its capabilities and weaknesses, and of the quirks of particular protocols that filters are being applied to.

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International Journal of Engineering Research and Development (IJERD)