Achieving Pervasive Security Above, Within and Below the OS (German)

It seems that every few months, another prominent global brand experiences a major security breach and the negative public exposure causes major damage to their reputation. It’s enough to keep business owners and security professionals worried that they are also exposed, be it through an overlooked vulnerability baked into their devices or an unknown, exploitable weakness in their software. You might be able to trust your IT team to secure your networks and implement data safe practices, but how can you trust all the endpoints and applications you rely on to do business when you had no oversight over their manufacturing or development?

Dell and Intel know that the only way to reliably secure business devices and networks is through a harmonization of hardware and software security technologies working in concert.

Dell and Intel’s co-engineering relationship spans several decades and has always focused on keeping our customers’ data secure, especially in the business-to-business market. Through its partnership with Intel, Dell has established a reputation as a go-to provider of employee devices for companies of all sizes and in every market. What goes into a Dell commercial device? It’s more than a ramshackle collection of features –Intel and Dell weave technologies, tools, and policies throughout the commercial PC lifecycle to help provide end-to-end security for our customers and their businesses.

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