Akamai Enterprise Application Access Product Brief

Akamai Enterprise Application Access: Secure, Simple, and Fast Application Access

Providing employees with secure access to enterprise applications deployed behind the firewall is a
core requirement for all businesses. Enterprises must also deal with the riskier proposition of providing access to a varied list of contractors, suppliers, partners, customers, and developers. Regardless of where these applications are hosted—whether in a public cloud or private data center—this is a complex, cumbersome task requiring on-premise hardware and software such as application delivery controllers (ADC), virtual private networks (VPN), identity and access management (IAM) systems, and more. Yet with all of these technologies, enterprises are still exposed to a variety of security risks stemming from the fact that access to internal applications opens up the entire network to attack.

Akamai’s Enterprise Application Access (EAA) solution solves these problems, helping businesses transform application access to meet today’s mobile- and cloud-centric requirements while improving their overall security posture.

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