APIs for Dummies

APIs are a hot topic, energetically debated by businesspeople,
IT managers, and developers alike. Most of the
excitement in the public space is about open public APIs. To
some degree, not having a public API today is like not having
a website in the late 1990s. Yet for many enterprises, public
APIs are really the least of their business concerns. More
important concerns include building omnichannel solutions,
innovating faster than the competition, becoming a mobile
enterprise, or operating in a hybrid cloud environment.

APIs are fundamental enablers for all these initiatives and
more, which is why so many different types of stakeholders
are interested in them. But what is an API, really; why is it
different from an old-school application programming interface;
and why should you care? In principle, the acronym API
stands for Application Programming Interfaces, but the notion
of what API means has evolved significantly. APIs today are
quite different from the application programming interfaces of
old. Read this book and see what that change entails.

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