Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions Built For Managed Service Providers

Critical business data lives on servers, personal devices, and in the cloud. If any of that data is compromised or breached, companies are vulnerable to significant revenue loss and even failure. With 85% of MSPs reporting attacks against SMBs in the last two years, MSPs need a powerful solution that protects against ransomware, accidental deletion, and disasters no matter where the attack occurs.

In this brochure, you’ll learn that Datto Unified Continuity gives MSPs the comprehensive tools necessary to protect their clients’ files and applications, whether they live on local servers, SaaS applications, or end-user computers. Built specifically for MSPs, Datto offers data protection solutions businesses can rely on, regardless of size or infrastructure. With a wide array of restore options to match any recovery scenario, Datto Unified Continuity provides MSPs with peace of mind knowing critical business data can be restored in seconds and normal business operation can continue.

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