CFO Evolution: From Number Crunchers to Value Drivers

A recent report from Deloitte uncovered that CFOs are now expected to move from the traditional, backward-looking number cruncher to a forward-looking, chief value extractor who can foresee and navigate change.

CFOs now need to be involved in all aspects of decision-making, and organisations that are moving their CFO to the centre of the business are making enormous gains.

This report from Raconteur is focused on the future CFO, and includes a Q&A with BlackLine CAO Patrick Villanova about one of the most challenging and dramatic step-changes in the finance industry: the rise of big data.

Read these articles to discover how, as a CFO, you can:

  • Accelerate transformation and process improvement
  • Gain a strategic advantage with emerging technologies
  • Think like a disrupter while upskilling your tech and leadership capabilities

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