Cisco Secure Workload and Secure Firewall: Strong Alone, Stronger Together

The digital transformation era is changing how organizations leverage technology to fulfill their business objectives. One key change is in the approach to security. Traditional security architecture focused on a hardened perimeter with a vulnerable interior. Modern security practices focus instead on multiple key control points, such as the network, endpoints, applications, and identities.

Each control point is designed to be powerful in its own right. Ideally, these control points integrate and work together to ensure superior security performance. In this White Paper, IDC considers how to improve enterprise security by integrating the network and application/workload control points. IDC spoke with a few CISOs whose organizations are Cisco Secure Workload and Cisco Secure Firewall adopters to learn about their use cases and experiences and to understand the benefits of tightly integrating network segmentation and control and workload micro-segmentation.

Find out now how you can get rapid detection and robust protection.

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