Cloud Data Security

In this whitepaper we describe the various CSP security offerings and provide a framework for data protection with a set of strategic selection criteria. In relation to the “Big Three” CSPs-Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure-we make an attempt to objectively reflect on what their data security services entail, based on discussions with CSPs and the published documentation made publicly available by the CSPs.

It also outlines what enterprises should be aware of prior to consuming these services in the context of their belated yet increasing capabilities in the data-centric security space. It also needs to be noted that the information captured is a point-in-time assessment and is subject to change as the CSPs continue to enhance and expand their services.

This whitepaper is intended towards any and all audience who deal with data security and cloud security, executives, hands-on IT and Security professionals, and anyone with a passion or interest in cybersecurity in general, across enterprises and service providers.

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