Configuring and Deploying Open Source with WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

This IBM® Redbook®s publication explains the capabilities of IBM WebSphere® Application Server Liberty profile, which is extremely lightweight, easy to install, and fast to use. Liberty profile provides a convenient and capable platform for developing and testing your web and OSGi applications. The Liberty profile server is built using OSGi technology and concepts. The fit-for-purpose nature of the run time relies on the dynamic behavior inherent in the OSGi framework and service registry. As bundles are installed or uninstalled from the framework, their services are automatically added or removed from the service registry. The result is a dynamic, composable run time that can be provisioned with only what your application requires and responds dynamically to configuration changes as your application evolves.

This book can help you install, customize, and configure several popular open source technologies that can be deployed effectively with the WebSphere Application Server Liberty profile.
Popular open source toolkits for the Liberty profile server were selected for this book based on significant enhancements they provide to the web application development process.
In this book, a “Todo” sample demonstrates the use of multiple open source frameworks or toolkits with the Liberty profile server. The Todo sample is a simple application that can be used to create, update, and delete to-do items and to-do lists, and put the to-do items into a related to-do list.

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