Darktrace Antigena: The Future of AI-Powered Autonomous Response

Antigena White Paper

In recent years, the cyber challenge has been characterized by three main difficulties: the complexity of the digital workforce, the speed of attacks, and the strain of security teams. The reality is that legacy tools and human security professionals simply cannot keep up in this new era of threats – artificial intelligence is needed to detect and respond to attacks across the entire digital estate.

Operative across the cloud, email, SaaS, traditional network, IoT, and OT environments, Darktrace Antigena responds and neutralizes cyber-threats as and when they emerge.

Using a graphical user interface called the Threat Visualizer, organizations gain a complete overview of all activity in their digital environment, with anomalous activity and stages of threat neutralization able to be seen and investigated in real time. The Threat Visualizer is designed for users of all maturity levels, from forensic experts, to business executives and less experienced members of the IT team.

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