The Definitive Guide to SharePoint Migration Planning

The most important part of any migration is the preparation — plan properly before you migrate anything, and not only will your migration go more smoothly, but you will have a healthier target environment going forward, which will reduce risk as well as support and maintenance costs.

Planning is particularly important when migrating powerful and complex business platforms like SharePoint. Understanding the business drivers for the migration will help you prioritize tasks and negotiate with various teams, vendors and stakeholders when decisions need to be made or risks need to be mitigated.

Unfortunately, too many organizations fail to make planning a priority during their SharePoint migrations. As a result, the target environment is difficult to manage, secure and scale to meet growing demands. As user requests take longer to fulfill, maintenance costs rise and user dissatisfaction grows, adoption will stall and the migration will be seen as a failure.

In this eBook, you’ll explore the key steps in planning a truly successful SharePoint migration.

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