Dell Latitude Notebook responsiveness and battery life: Effects of Intel Rapid Start Technology and Intel Smart Connect Technology

Opening your notebook to find a drained battery and applications such as email in the same state you left them days ago can be a real hassle and a waste of vital time especially when you’re on the go and a power outlet and reliable Internet connection aren’t available. The Dell Latitude E6430 uses new technologies from Intel to help you avoid this scenario by making sure your notebook is ready to work when you are. We found that the new Dell Latitude E6430 using Intel Smart Connect Technology came out of Sleep mode and updated files in as little as two or three seconds, 4.7 percent of the time it took an older system without the technology. With Intel Rapid Start Technology, the Dell Latitude E6430 kept its battery nearly fully charged, even after spending a weekend in Sleep mode, while the system’s battery drained to 52 percent when we disabled IRST. In our tests, the Dell Latitude E6430 notebook with Intel Smart Connect and Intel Rapid Start technologies delivered quickly updated applications and a well-charged battery so you can work on the go.

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