DevOps/Continuous Delivery Tooling: Launchpad for the Digital Enterprise An EMA Report

The digital economy is characterized by a rapidly changing and fast-moving business climate. This “need for speed” has revolutionized application and software delivery, where DevOps and Continuous Delivery have become core competencies.

However, yesterday’s toolsets and practices—which relied heavily on human expertise and manual processes—are no longer viable. At the same time, developing and supporting modern applications requires collaborative decision-making supported by a new level of cross-functional skills, knowledge, and judgment.

Read this report from EMA to explore:

  • The business impact of optimizing DevOps in “real-world” IT
  • Continuous Delivery challenges and strategies for solving them
  • How tools, such as APM solutions, can address common gaps
  • Input from highly effective organizations on blueprints for success

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