Efficiency Improvement of Nigeria 330KV Network Using Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) Devices

This paper is the impact of different FACTS devices (UPFC, TCSC and STATCOM) on voltage improvement and transmission loss reduction in the Nigeria 330KV transmission line network and GA approach for loss optimization. This network consist of 9 generating stations, 28 buses and 29 transmission lines was modeled and simulated using ETAP 4.0 and Matlab Version 7.5.Power losses without FACTS device are 62.90MW and 95.80MVar and weak buses per unit values are: Gombe (0.8909pu), Jos (0.9118pu), Kaduna (0.9178pu), Kano (0.9031) and New Haven(0.9287pu).Incorporating TCSC on the weak lines, an improved per unit bus values ranging from 0.9872pu-0.9997pu was obtained as well as loss reduction of (44.3MW and 78.30MVAR). Incorporating UPFC improved the per unit values within the range of 0.9768pu-0.9978pu.

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