ESG Economic Validation: Understanding the Economics of In-cloud Data Protection: A Dell Technologies Data Protection Solution Designed with Cost Optimization in Mind

IT teams often struggle to manage backup solutions designed for on-premises environments that are “shoe-horned” into public cloud deployments and it is not uncommon for organizations to incur large cost overruns when using public cloud infrastructure.

ESG validated that Dell Technologies data protection solutions are extremely cost-efficient when running in any public cloud environment. Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager in tandem with Dell EMC PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition delivers enterprise-grade data protection features and performance that organizations are looking for to support their public cloud production environment protection needs.

The solution provides a combination of features such as file-level recovery, next-generation backup services, near-zero RTO restores, disaster recovery capabilities, and backup data management while managing cloud resources very effectively to reduce costs. ESG compared a deployment of the Dell Technologies solution to four top competitors in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to validate its cost advantages.

A reduction of cost of more than 80% was confirmed during ESGs analysis of multiple modeled scenarios.

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