Four Ways to Reduce Your Attack Surface

In the last decade your attack surface has been branching out in multiple directions with the rise of new computing functions such as: virtual, software-defined networking, IoT, containers, cloud (private and public) and federated networks.

And a larger attack surface means more opportunities for cybercriminals to do harm.

Your mission, then: Reduce Your Attack Surface.

You can do this with a series of not-hard-to-implement steps, namely:

  • Visualizing your vulnerabilities (attack surface modeling and attack simulation)
  • Controlling endpoints (monitoring endpoint activity and stopping east-west spread)
  • Segmenting the network (orchestration, potentially microsegmentation)
  • Using your analytics (security configuration assessments, traffic flow analysis, quantitative risk scores)

Download our eBook for “how to” exactly move through each of these steps.

And let’s be honest: We wouldn’t have written this eBook if we couldn’t deliver on the framework described here, so you can also learn how FireMon can help you remove exposures before they become exploited.

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