Future-Proof Your ANZ IT Workforce With a Digital Talent Management Framework

Access a proven framework to help CEOs, CIOs and other C-Level Executives build a future-ready workforce

Gartner predicts by 2024, 20% of IT departments in large enterprises will adopt talent-sharing schemes, easing the shortage of technical professionals by 25% globally.

The traditional fragmented approaches to tackling talent issues are no longer sufficient for the needs of fast-changing digital business. ANZ CIOs and C-Level Executives must rethink how they future-proof the workforce through a holistic, integrated strategy.

This research presents an integrated Digital Talent Management Framework, which will help you address questions like:

  • How do we plan for a future-ready IT workforce?
  • How do we identify and recruit digital talent with the desired skills and competencies?
  • How do we renew and maintain the currency of existing workforce’s skills and competencies

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