Getting Ahead of the Compliance Curve

Compliance is a fast-moving target, and it’s getting harder to keep up. In a survey by IT Policy Compliance Group, a consortium dedicated to helping IT security professionals meet policy and compliance goals, 70 percent of all respondents reported being subject to multiple regulatory compliance mandates, as well as contractual obligations and industry standards. Meanwhile, IT budgets are getting leaner as organizations strive to increase cost efficiency in tough economic times, and the emergence of cloud-based services has increased the complexity of compliance management. Given these challenges and tight deadlines, many organizations are addressing compliance requirements in silos using a “checklist” approach.

Unfortunately, this tactical, reactive approach can lead to higher compliance costs, more audit deficiencies, greater business downtime, and increased risk of data loss. To avoid this trap and get ahead of the compliance curve, organizations need solutions that can help them take a more proactive approach and plan for — instead of reacting to — the rapidly changing compliance environment.

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