Getting Started with Advanced Analytics

Implementing advanced analytics in your business means your data now takes a prominent place at the business table at the highest levels, and you need to have proper representation for it and your processes. You need to rethink the roles in your organization around your data, addressing new ways of managing, interpreting, and analysing vast amounts and types of data. Some of these roles are fairly well established, while others are fairly new. The newer roles include chief data scientist, chief analytics officer, and citizen data scientist:

  • Chief data scientists combine expertise in computer science, mathematics, statistical modelling, and analytics to extract actionable insights from big data.
  • Chief analytics officers oversee an organization’s use of analytics tools to gain insights and value from data.
  • Citizen data scientists use analytics tools to generate insights from data but hold positions that are not focused on big data or analytics. They could come from anywhere in the organization.
  • In another notable trend, data analytics teams increasingly work closely with people in different lines of business to help them exploit data to drive the business forward.

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