How HC3 Lowers the Total Cost of Infrastructure

When considering a new IT infrastructure solution, the acquisition cost of the hardware and software to standup the infrastructure is only the starting point for cost analysis.

Scale Computing is committed to making virtualization infrastructure both accessible and affordable for any size organization.

It is important to look into the operational costs of deployment, training, licensing, scale-out, downtime, and management.

From shipping container to rack to running live VMs, even a novice administrator can have HC3 deployed and ready for
production in well under 1 hour.

Aside from service offerings, migration is supported by ScaleCare support services including how-to documentation along with an optional migration tool called HC3 Move. All ScaleCare customers also enjoy 24/7 phone and email support to assist through any critical issues.

This document will dive into the TCO of the Scale Computing HC3 infrastructure solution and discuss how it compares to traditional architecture models.

Read more to learn about HC3 cost-efficient innovative technology!

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