How XR Streaming Can Enhance Hybrid Work Environments

Many enterprises across industries are adopting extended reality (XR) to enhance complex workflows such as design review, training, virtual production, location-based entertainment, and more. But, many businesses face challenges with XR. Mobile XR devices can provide convenience and mobility, but they lack the memory and computational power to drive high-fidelity and photorealistic experiences. And while powerful VR workstations can drive beautiful, high-fidelity immersive experiences, those workstations typically require dedicated space and equipment. With NVIDIA’s CloudXR streaming solution, enterprises are taking immersive experiences to the next level by combining high-quality graphics with the mobility of wireless head-mounted displays.

Built on NVIDIA RTX technology, CloudXR delivers XR experiences over 5G and Wi-Fi networks. CloudXR can turn a mobile XR device into a high-fidelity XR display that can show realistic, professional-quality graphics. This means remote teams around the world can stream and share high-quality immersive experience with colleagues, clients and stakeholders in any location. With CloudXR, more companies can experience enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows and high fidelity virtual environments from anywhere, on any XR device. And with graphics powered by NVIDIA RTX technology, teams can create the most photorealistic virtual environments — and stream these to users around the world.

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