Huawei High-Perfomrance Computing Cloud Solution Helps Automobile Manufacturers Embrace Industry 4.0

The development of computing technology and the application of modern design methods in product development and testing has led great advancements in Computer Aided Engineering(CAE) emulation technology in recent years. CAE emulation has facilitated research in passive automobile security, reduced errors during the product design process, lowered costs, and shortened the development time for new car models.

Industry 4.0 is bringing sweeping changes and unprecedented challenges for automobile manufacturers, but, continue to read and you will learn how to further improve efficiency, and why these large automobile manufacturers are using Huawei HPC cloud solution to support CAE.

Also learn the three main reasons why this leading CAE solution provider, ESI Group, has chosen Huawei HPC cloud solution as one of their partners. This partnership has lead to the creation of the CAE simulation cloud to provide CAE as a Service for automobile manufacturers as well as a virtual project solution for engineering and physical sciences and elastic cloud serves.

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