Integrating Password and Privilege Management for Unix and Linux Systems

Privileged Access Management (PAM), while no longer being a young discipline of IAM (Identity and Access Management) and Information Security, has gained attention in the past years. Organizations that define internal cybersecurity programs commonly add Privileged Access Management to the top of the project list.

Privileged access to systems, be it servers, cloud services, or even client systems, imposes a significant risk from both external cyber-attacks and internal attacks.

Targeted attacks frequently make use of privileged accounts, and every long running, targeted attack is characterized by attackers trying to gain access to such accounts. PAM strategies, therefore, must focus on both limiting privileged access, i.e. privilege elevation, and avoiding the sprawl of passwords. That is, controlling the user and their access methods.

These capabilities must be provided as integrated solutions. There is a pressing need for centralized control of privileged access, as well as for limiting the excessive number of security tools in place.

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