Learn How Smart Companies Use DNS to Boost Website Performance

It takes less than a second for visitors to form a first impression of your website. If your site takes too long to load, you may not get a second chance to change that first impression. Fortunately, you can streamline website traffic and deliver an exceptional user experience by simply using DNS Traffic Management.

DNS (Domain Name System) is more than a behind-the-scenes routing protocol. It’s the key to smarter, faster web traffic management. In our new whitepaper, The Utility of DNS Traffic Management, Neustar unlocks the secret behind DNS’ amazing “hidden” powers:

  • Measure real-time server performance from multiple geographic locations
  • Instantly and seamlessly redirect traffic when a server goes down
  • Intelligently load-balance web traffic across servers to ensure high availability
  • Route traffic to the closest available server with origin-based routing

It’s time to take a second look at DNS. Download our free whitepaper today and discover how DNS traffic management from Neustar can help you make the right first impression, every time.

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