Leveraging High-Performance Computing for Computer-Aided Engineering(CAE) workloads

While the industry acknowledges the importance of CAE, many organizations have not adapted their technology to capitalize on it. In manufacturing, time is business critical. And productivity improvements boost results. However, for many businesses, engineers accept slow performance of key engineering applications thanks to out-of-date workstations. Model response times and the scale of analysis are constrained by the performance, memory, and storage limits of a single system. The answer to these productivity-crippling limitations is a shared, multisystem high-performance computing (HPC) resource. It can provide much faster response times for simulations, support larger model sizes, and support engineering collaboration across the organization. HPC users report faster time-to-market, improved productivity, and deeper insight into product designs. Tapping HPC fosters success in beating the competition, meeting the demands of increased regulation, and tightening staffing levels.

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