Manage Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Servers

Cisco UCS™ Manager provides unified, embedded management of all software and hardware components of the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS) across multiple chassis and rack-mount servers and thousands of virtual machines. Cisco UCS Manager manages Cisco UCS as a single entity through an intuitive GUI, a command-line interface (CLI), or an XML API for comprehensive access to all Cisco UCS Manager functions. The Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC) is a baseboard management controller (BMC) in Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers and C-Series Rack-Mount Servers that is tightly integrated with Cisco UCS Manager. This document provides an overview of the industry-leading features available based on this integration and also describes the capability of the Cisco IMC to function in standalone mode when Cisco UCS C-Series servers are deployed in a standalone environment.

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