Modernising Client Devices to Customer Profile Drive Discovery

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) wanted a solution that reduced the cost of running its client estate whilst also helping it complete an urgent company-wide migration to Windows 10. The solution needed to free up the IT team so they could focus on innovation, align with the BHF’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals and provide employees with more flexible working options.

With Dell Technologies PCaaS, the BHF can now ensure that as many resources as possible go to supporting medical research. By upgrading all staff to the latest Dell machines and bundling support as part of the package, the BHF reduces costs around break and fix. What’s more, by moving from a CapEx spending
model to an OpEx version, the customer can adjust spending up and down with its needs.

Business results:

  • Helps direct more resources to researching heart and circulatory diseases.
  • Enables staff to work more productively.
  • Supports greater flexibility around the workplace.
  • Delivers a critical upgrade to Windows 10.
  • Frees up the IT team to concentrate on strategy.
  • Aligns IT with goal to protect the environment.
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