NimBus for Network Monitoring based on SNMP Service Level Monitoring Gateway Solution

The NimBUS for network monitoring solution provides an SNMP gateway that will transform NimBUS alarm messages to SNMP trap messages that are readable by any SNMP based event manager. Predefined SNMP gateway solutions are available for HP OpenView network node manager, CA Unicenter-TNG and BMC Patrol Enterprise Manager (PEM). The Syslog gateway serves as a gateway from the Syslog “World” into the NimBUS environment. Network-devices, such as routers, switches, firewalls and servers report events using SNMP as well as using the well-known Syslog format. The Syslog gateway will listen to port 514/udp when running in a receive mode and covert messages to NimBUS event formats.

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International Journal for Development of Computer Science & Technology (IJDCST)