O’Reilly Report: The Value of AI-Powered Business Intelligence

What does it mean to infuse AI into BI? It means business users can discover actionable, easy-to-understand insights on their own, independently from IT—even while remaining within the organization’s secure and governed IT architecture. AI in BI helps you to “get to the why” when analyzing and optimizing the insights you discover. In this report, IBM’s Michael Norris explains how AI-infused business intelligence:

  • Enables line-of-business users to easily discover data-driven insights without requiring specialized data science expertise
  • Allows users to ask questions in plain language with intuitive exploration tools to gain deeper insight into their data
  • Provides recommended visualizations and dashboards to present compelling, concise, and explainable data
  • Prepares datasets for analysis to free up IT analysts and line-of-business users

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