On The Road to The Office of The Future (French)

Social trends have been showing it for several years: the workplace and our way of working no longer meet today’s needs. Various studies – dating from before the coronary crisis – confirm this:

  • 25% of Belgian workers have physical complaints due to excessive stress levels.
  • 10% of Belgian workers have burnout or are close to burnout.
  • 65% of employees have difficulty letting go of work. Work-related e-mails are read just before going to bed.
  • HP has been researching the way we work for years and therefore understands that change is badly needed. That is why HP formulates its findings in the Office of the Future and provides companies with a basis for evolving to a hybrid working environment.

    HP creates the hybrid work environment based on five pillars: personal, connected, secure, innovative and responsible. In this white paper, HP takes a closer look at each pillar so that your organization can also evolve towards a hybrid work environment.

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