Oracle Databases Achieve Unprecendented Speed Running on the New Exadata Database Machine X8

As Exadata X8 heralds the second decade for this offering, it has increased its deployment choices alongside Oracle
Database to mirror the increasingly hybrid cloud world, and thus offers a congruence of architecture, features, and security
wherever and however it is deployed—on-premises or in the cloud. Oracle also continues to add impressive functionality
that can translate to not only IT improvements, but also business value; a prime example being the machine learning in
Oracle Database 19C to enable auto indexing with Exadata X8.

Oracle is not famed for being shy in its own marketing claims; regarding the use of Exadata to run Oracle Database, it likes
to say that the combination is “so smart that there’s no second place.” It would be easy to dismiss that as marketing
bluster, but it actually deserves consideration; “second place” would suggest vendors competing at the same level…but
really Oracle has put Exadata in a league of its own.

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