Oracle Leverages Its Database Expertise to Deliver a Truly Purpose-built Recovery Appliance

By introducing the Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance (Recovery Appliance)—a turnkey data protection
appliance integrated into the Oracle ecosystem—Oracle has shed light on database-centric backup/recovery problems and
helped database administrators (DBAs) solve them. The Recovery Appliance delivers Oracle data protection-as-a-service
(DPaaS) throughout an enterprise or as a public cloud service, accelerates database performance by alleviating production
database servers, and serves as a self-contained solution enabling companies to recover to levels of extreme granularity,
which Oracle calls Recovery Point Objective “0,” which aligns with the constant demand for less downtime and data loss
seen in other ESG research. This showcase examines the vertical scenario of DBA-driven data protection and the horizontal
interest among organizations in using turnkey data protection appliances. The outcome could be that the Recovery
Appliance becomes a significant part of a modern data protection strategy.

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