Protecting Your Hybrid and Hyperscale Data Centers

Organizations are building hybrid data centers that consist of composable and scalable architectures. As data center infrastructure evolves, a growing number of enterprises are embracing hyperscale architectures to satisfy demands for optimal user experience while delivering unparalleled performance, scale, and capacity.

But the adoption of hyperscale and hyperperformance across a hybrid data center model can also create security-related challenges that can negatively, even severely, affect user experience, performance, and scale. Traditional security solutions struggle to keep up with hybrid data center performance and scale requirements.

Increasingly, organizations are forced to choose between accelerating data and application performance and the high costs of protecting such an environment using traditional security tools. Security can quickly become a bottleneck, and in many cases, maintaining a competitive edge means that the need for high performance wins. But the resulting security lapses can play a critical role in enabling attacks like ransomware that can result in business disruptions, financial losses, and long-term damage to brand and reputation.

Organizations need to rethink their data center security strategy. That starts with understanding the core challenges hybrid and hyperscale trends create for teams and then evaluating providers that can offer right-fit security designed for hybrid and hyperscale data centers. Find out more!

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