Real-world Data for IT Decisions

In the evolving digital economy, organizations need to optimize IT to innovate faster and stay competitive in a multi-cloud world. But purchasing decisions can seem risky without a clear, comprehensive view of your current IT environment and workloads, especially when budgets are limited.

Making purchasing decisions based on data from individual storage, data protection, server and file systems can lead to overspending. To optimize your infrastructure in a multi-cloud world, you need to understand how workloads impact each other in a shared environment over time.

Live Optics creates transparency, so you can accurately see and diagnose your unique IT needs. And instant cloud pricing enables you to fully control your IT spend across popular cloud vendors or on-premises.

Get a clear view of your workload data in just 24 hours. If you choose, you can securely share data characteristics with your team, trusted advisors, hardware or software vendors, or anonymously with the entire Live Optics user community.

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