Redefining Enterprise Data Protection with Commvault and NetApp

While the term “enterprise” is thrown around loosely, enterprise data protection is not easy to achieve. Many, or even
most, organizations struggle mightily with the onslaught of new data that drives their business. “Keeping the lights on” is
hard enough, but when an organization is attempting to transform into the digital world, the complexities are massively

IT is supposed to be a well-oiled machine in which compute, network, storage, and cloud layers seamlessly deliver against
service levels every time—but the reality is that it’s brutally difficult to keep up with the diverse workloads making up the
IT landscape of enterprises. In turn, protecting these digital assets and ensuring their availability adds another layer of
complexity that requires proven and comprehensive storage and software tools to work in unison. At stake: the business,
or more precisely in IT terms, the service level agreements that must be met in ever-changing business and technical

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