Reduce Ransomware Risk With the Fortinet Security Fabric

Today’s organizations have a broad digital attack surface spanning a diverse set of devices, user locations, networks, and clouds, providing many avenues of entry and exfiltration for cybercriminals. Increasingly, these cybercriminals are doing more than stealing data, often encrypting whole systems and interrupting business operations with ransomware, a threat that’s increased 15x over the past 18 months.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is a cybersecurity platform that covers the entirety of an organization’s attack surface with independently validated prevention, along with tightly integrated detection for all stages of the cyber kill chain and automated response capabilities. A range of services from FortiGuard Labs augment in-house security expertise to prepare, practice, and monitor for ransomware and recover from it as needed.

Reduce ransomware risk with the Fortinet Security Fabric utilizing a cybersecurity mesh architecture.

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