Software Defined Storage For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition

The business of the future — your business — will be a “thinking” business, or what IBM calls a cognitive business. A cognitive business uses its data assets to gain competitive advantage.

A real driving force within IT today and within business itself stems from the need to gain and maintain competitive advantage by deriving greater value from data assets. Simply storing data isn’t enough. Making faster, more informed business decisions; staying ahead of the competition; creating better customer experiences; implementing the best possible fraud protection and data security — these and many similar requirements are the drivers of the new era of cognitive business.

Software‐Defined Storage For Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, tells the story of this paradigm shift in data management technology. This book introduces IBM Spectrum Storage, a leading family of SDS solutions, and provides plenty of information and ideas on how these systems from IBM can help your cognitive business be a market leader.

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